Jacques D’Arthois 1613-1686
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Jacques D’Arthois 1613-1686

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A wooded landscape in Flanders with sportsmen on a path, mounted travellers beyond


Oil painting on canvas 34.5 x 49 inches / 88 x 124 cm contained in an ebonised frame.


Provenance: private collection Ascot, Berkshire


Jacques D’Arthois was born and trained in Brussels, the son of Henri Artois and Jeanne Geerarts. He was trained in painting by his mother’s second husband Jan Mertens. He became a member of the Guild of St. Luke in 1634. He had as pupils his younger brother Nicolas and his son Jean-Baptiste in the years 1639-1654. He was also the teacher of the landscape artist Cornelis Huysmans, who closely followed his style. His work is usually large wooded landscapes, with the staffage frequently provided by other artists such as David Teniers, Gaspar de Crayer and Gonzales Coques.

His subject matter is usually the rich landscape in the Flanders hills around Brussels, and he seems to have taken particular delight (as here) in painting massive oak trees in the centre of his compositions. His historical and biblical subjects are altogether rarer. Stylistically, his work relates to the other Flemish landscape painters such as Loedwyck de Vadder and Lucas Actschellinck.